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We are the suppliers of Xray scanners in ajman, walk through detectors in ajman and hand held detectors in ajman. We offer our customers some of the best branded Xray scanners in UAE, walk through detectors in UAE and hand held detectors in UAE.

Looking for an X-ray baggage scanner to check the luggage and baggage for any risks such as guns, weapons, narcotics, restricted materials and explosives at high-secured premise entrances. Do you want a Wall through Security metal detector system at the entrances to detect any hazardous metal materials? We Al Sana Technical Solutions, in Ajman & Sharjah, is a major provider of various Security solutions Ajman. Our expertise in security systems extends under vehicle surveillance scanners in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to suppliers of Security X ray baggage and parcel scanners, security metal detectors. In your high level of security requirements, we can be at your service for various Qualified Security Solutions. 
We have partnered with major Security Solution companies in the world for such requirements from Xray Scanners / walk through detectors / Handheld detectors.
Usually high-security systems such as baggage scanning machines, safety metal detectors, under vehicle safety scanners are used in places that require high-security inspection points such as government offices, places of national interest, airports, defence, checkpoint areas etc. Hotels and the hospitality industry is another category that uses luggage scanners and metal detectors to scan guest and guest baggage. 
Using Detection Baggage Scanners will avoid any attempt to smuggle the drugs, carrying banned guns and arms. Metal detectors identify metals in a human body and can search guns or weapons of any sort to send security personnel a pre-alert.
We are the suppliers of Xray scanners in Ajman, walk through detectors in Ajman, Security solutions in Sharjah and handheld detectors in Ajman. We offer some of the best branded Xray scanners in UAE to our customers; go through detectors in UAE and handheld detectors in Sharjah.   

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