PA/BGM System,

PA/BGM system

PA/BGM system

Technological advancements in the sound and engineering departments have improved the quality of sounds in all devices. Thanks to the digital audio revolution, the new-age systems generate sounds that are crystal clear and surround us from multiple sides.

We are one of the reputed providers of PA/BGM system providers in Ajman and Sharjah. The branded mixer amplifiers, microphones, wall and ceiling speakers, etc., are in our complete selection of services. We include all kinds of services, from compact devices to wide-ranging paging solutions. Our systems are in line with international standards and approved by leading authorities.

Our team of Public Address and Background Music System experts ensures a top-notch service across UAE.

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What is a PA/BGM System?

Public Address (PA) and Background Music (BGM) system is an electronic sound intensification and communication system that uses amplifiers, microphones, and loudspeakers to allow a person to reach out to a wide audience, helping people enjoy social events and music concerts together. Simple PA systems are commonly used in smaller environments such as school auditoriums, government service centres, and workplaces for small businesses. In public, institutional and commercial buildings, and crowded places such as airports, PA systems with several speakers are commonly used to make announcements.

Public Address and Background Music systems can be easily installed as a simple stand, either alone or integrated into CCTV cameras, access control, or fire alarm systems.

Our PA systems are primarily used in late-night parties, bars, pubs, restaurants, and shopping venues. BGM systems are also used in bars and pubs and have video and audio-visual applications.

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The Al Sana Edge

Our expertise in PA and BGM systems goes beyond just installation and goes into developing audio solutions for challenging areas and designs along with supplying and supporting public address systems.

A well-designed PA and BGM system should be able to deliver constant sound pressure over the listening and response areas. This is achieved by delivering sound signals in specified patterns with point source or line array speakers which are accurately aligned and placed. The point sources are positioned in specific places to minimize the phase interferences between each point.

Depending on the application and customer requirements, we offer simple to complex PA and BGM systems with different functionalities.

If you're looking for a high-quality, licensed PA / BGM solution provider for your needs, then we're here to help with our services.

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