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Key Management System

Key management system

Key management is one of the most important "basics" for an organization, AL Sana Technical Solution moto is to provide security and protection to the organization

We are the suppliers of key management system in Ajman & Sharjah. This intelligent key management system eliminates the manual logs prepared by the security personal and prepare paperless reports of who got the access to the cabinet, how long it takes to return keys,etc. This makes hassle-free key management. We offer our customers some of the best branded key management systems in Ajman & Sharjah.

An Electronic Smart Key Management System lets you recognize, track, inspect and report on an organization's different physical keys movements. Keys remain a crucial part of every security strategy, you are still in charge of your keys knowing easily who, when and where they are. If you want such most modern technology to better audit your keys, we at Al Sana Technical Solutions in Sharjah & Ajman are there to help you incorporate such a Security solutions in Sharjah to make your keys safer and more audited.  We have been able to deliver highly reliable and robust key management system in many of the places in Ajman & Sharjah.
An electronic key management system can limit access to individual keys through which people are permitted; it is a key Access control Sharjah system. Knowing who, when and where they are means you are always in control and people feel less lost keys in a more accountable sense. Implementing a key control system will minimize maintenance costs and energy by eradicating the manual problem and retrieving the keys. For RFID-based key fobs, the keys are held with an embedded chip with a unique identifier. The RFID tag recognizes any time you need to get a key or bring it back from the room. Key fobs are available in various colours. Key holder cases may also be considered to improve security.
Even, we can combine key management system with safety alarm system. There are many software applications that can set these software alarms. When returning / handing out the key. On key control device screen, a correct confirmation can be shown. There is a modular structure to the framework. An Access control Sharjah system of any size can be ordered starting with 10 keys and later upgraded to several hundred keys. The device can be controlled locally, using the keyboard, and remotely through the computer network, irrespective of the quantity and size of keys contained in the holders of the electronic key. All network cabinets can be managed with web-based software, even though all key cabinets are monitored and managed with centralized key management system software at remote locations or multiple sites.
The most popular supplier of key management system in Ajman & Sharjah is Al Sana Technical Solutions. This smart key management Security solutions Ajman removes the manual logs prepared by the personal protection and provides paperless reports on who got the cabinet entry, how long it takes to return keys, etc. That makes key management hassle-free. At Ajman & Sharjah, we offer some of the best branded key management systems to our customers. 

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