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ANPR camera system

ANPR camera system

The immense growth of the automobile driving population globally and in UAE, along with the increasing manufacturing capabilities across the automobile industry, brings certain risks like the rise in traffic rules violations and motor accidents.

Sometimes it becomes impossible to find out the main suspect in accidents & theft as the driver tends to run away after breaking the traffic rules. ANPR camera is an effective device for observing the number plates of vehicles.

What is ANPR Camera System?

ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a technology that uses optical character recognition to identify and read automobile number plates. It is a sophisticated and accurate technology capable of reading number plates without any human intervention.

It makes use of complex processing systems like high-speed image capture, illumination, and detection of characters, verification of the character sequences, character recognition, image to text conversion, etc. The output of this process is a set of metadata that identifies the image of an automobile license plate and decodes the text associated with it.

ANPR is basically the technology that is used to find the license plate of an automobile and this information is interpreted through a series of computer processing. This data is then matched with the registration details to create an ANPR-based file.

It is a common knowledge that many police forces use ANPR to monitor criminal behaviour in motorways and traffic areas as a method of detecting high automobile speeds. However, this technology is used in various ways for the safety and security of the public while increasing efficiencies across transportation infrastructure systems.

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Why Do You Need Al Sana for Your ANPR Camera System?

We are the leading ANPR camera system provider in Ajman and Sharjah. We offer a wide range of rich quality image producing ANPR cameras in the region. We make use of the latest technology in making our devices so that the cameras are capable of reading the license plate numbers of vehicles of any country.

With our decades of experience in producing high-quality equipment and systems, we design our services and solutions to create a safer, more secure world. Our surveillance and security systems enable families, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to identify and respond to safety risks quickly and effectively.

We go beyond just security and add value to cities and countries to incorporate visual data capture as part of their “smart development” and aids in creating sustainable cities with “smart solutions”. From de-clogging traffic and tracking waste management to wildlife monitoring and providing a smart shopping experience to retail customers, our camera systems are part of everything you envisage.

We make conversations with our customers to know their requirements and customize the cameras according to their needs.

We offer a range of license plate recognition and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) devices to our customers. We provide ANPR cameras in drop-off areas and in the parking areas of Ajman and Sharjah emirates.

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The Al Sana Edge

We are a leading Ajman and Sharjah police-approved ANPR installation and Annual Maintenance Contract Company. In and around Ajman and Sharjah, our services are being maintained in residential buildings, corporate premises, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, government offices, commercial and residential parking spots, general shops, highways, airports, schools, warehouses, etc.

ANPR is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates, and this facility needs accurate installation processes. Our team has the most skilled and experienced specialists of ANPR camera installers and engineers who are certified by the police authorities in Ajman and Sharjah.

We are committed to the highest standards of data security. We rigorously implement -industry best practices related to data and information security across all our solutions.

Cutting Edge Technologies and Features Drive Our Security Solutions

Our ANPR camera solutions include equipment and software that run on either the camera or a server. Our custom-made ANPR engine relies on big data and deep learning models to capture automobile license plates in real-time. Some of the key features include:

  • Language and text recognition – Our ANPR system recognizes Arabic, English, Chinese, and Cyrillic among other languages.
  • Accurate recognition – Our license plate recognition rate is at 98% with alphanumeric text.
  • Quick recognition – The image reading and analysis process is of global standards and takes about only 100 milliseconds.
  • Affordable technology – We bring the latest and the sharpest tech of the ANPR system in a highly cost-effective way.

Usually, our ANPR camera system stores the captured photos with license plate. Systems typically use infrared lighting to allow the camera to photograph at any time of day. Owing to the plate variability from location to location, our ANPR camera technology is designed to be region-specific.

Some of the applications of our ANPR camera system include:

  • Road safety – ANPR automatically identifies and records speeding and traffic light violations.
  • Law enforcement – Verifies every passing vehicle license and registration; alerts automatically when a blacklisted automobile passes by.
  • Parking guidance – Recognizes available parking spaces and guides vehicles toward those spots.
  • Electronic toll – Allows vehicles to pass freely through the toll gate while reading the license plate of those vehicles.
  • Gate control – Manages entrance and exit control, and allows authorized vehicles to go through the gate.

Al Sana Technical Solutions offer a wide range of ANPR cameras in Ajman and Sharjah that provide images of the highest quality. We integrate the latest technologies to make the product more convenient for our customers while easily reading almost every country's number plates. With years of developing and producing super-quality ANPR cameras worldwide, we work closely with customers to recognize their unique requirements and customize cameras to their requirements.

Speak to us to know more about our latest innovations and technologies for the continued safety of all road users.

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